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Friday, March 17, 2017

UTMB DIG Members Attend AAD in Orlando

During the first weekend of March, UTMB residents and DIG members traveled to Orlando to attend the annual AAD conference. DIG members that attended and/or presented at the annual conference included: Kristyna Gleghorn (MS4), Dung Mac (MS4), Andrew DeCrescenzo (MS4), Tim Allen (MS3), Paige Hoyer (MS3), Tara Akunna (MS3), and Andrea Johnson (MS3). Every students enjoyed the experience and many gained exposure to the various fields of dermatology including Cosmetic, Pediatric, and Micrographic Surgery and Dermatologic Oncology. In addition, many members enjoyed the opportunity to network with current resident, Program Directors, and other hopeful medical students!

Posters presented:
"A Novel Training Exercise for Learning Digital Nerve Blocks, Nail Avulsions, Matricectomy and Matrix Biopsies in Dermatology Residency: A Pre and Post Training Workshop Research Survey" by Dr. Young McMahan, Kristyna Gleghorn, and Dr. Bernard Gibson 
"Case of Lichen Planus Pigmentosus" by Dr. Divya Sadhwani, Kristyna Gleghorn, and Dr. Lucia Semanario
"Examining the Effects of Rose Bengal on Fibroblast and Scarring" by Dung Mac, Jayson Jay, Dr. Celeste Finnerty, Dr. Michael Wilkerson
"Rhinophyma graft for repair of the phymatous nasal ala" by Dr. Helen Malone, Dr. Adrian Subrt, Andrew DeCrescenzo, and Dr. Richard Wagner
"A rare case of nasal myiasis caused by O. ovis from Cusco, Peru" by Paige Hoyer, Ryan Williams, M. Lopez, and Dr. MM Cabada

MS3s (from L to R): Paige Hoyer, Andrea Johnson, Tara Akunna, and Tim Allen

MS4 Mac Dung presenting his poster

MS3 Paige Hoyer presenting her poster