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Monday, April 29, 2019

UTMB PGY3 Resident Publishes Article About Changes in Mohs Fellowship Training

The April 2019 (Volume 103) issue of Cutis has published an original article authored by UTMB PGY3 dermatology resident Dr. Julie Croley titled, “The Evolution of the Micrographic Surgery and Dermatologic Oncology Fellowship.”
Congratulations Dr. Croley!

Friday, April 26, 2019

UTMB Dermatology Selects Dates for Internal and External Dermatology Applicants

UTMB Dermatology usually announces the dates of its dermatology residency applicant interviews well ahead to permit internal applicants and rotators scheduling interviews. The schedule for the 2020 NRMP dermatology interviews are:

Internal Applicants: Friday morning, January 24, 2020

External Applicants: Choice of Thursday morning, January 30, 2020 or Friday morning, January 31, 2020 (pre-interview dinner with UTMB dermatology residents will be held the evening before)

Invitations for rotators and other external applicants are usually sent in December. Last year UTMB received over 400 dermatology residency applications, and 30 outside applicants (including rotators) were invited for interviews.

Thursday, April 25, 2019

Where did UTMB’s ACS (Ambulatory and Community Medicine Selective) Go?

 ACS, a former graduation requirement for MS4s at UTMB has been suspended for the SOM through the 2019-2020 academic year. The UTMB Selective website http://ar.utmb.edu/BSHSselectives/BSHSbrochure.asp displays the 
Ambulatory Community Selectives” link that now reads, “Sorry ACS brochure is no longer available.”  Currently a MS4 clinical elective must be taken to substitute for it. We hope that ACS comes back soon, at least as an option in the electives category. Previous UTMB medical students, including those now in dermatology residency, enjoyed working with community dermatologists in their offices and learning more about dermatology practice in the community setting.

UTMB PGY3 Dermatology Resident Leads Podcast About Social Media and Dermatology

 Congratulations to UTMB PGY3 dermatology resident Dr. Julie Croley for her recent podcast on the topic of the use of social media in dermatology. Dr. Croley leads the April 25, 2019 podcast discussion about “Resident takeover on social media in dermatology” with her two other Cutis “Residents Corner” participants  Elisabeth Tracey, MD (Cleveland Clinic Foundation, Ohio) and  Daniel R. Mazori, MD (State University of New York Downstate Medical Center, Brooklyn). This podcast (07:14 to 40:25) is available at https://www.podcastrepublic.net/podcast/1402001193

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Another Successful DIG Bake Sale

DIG hosted it's Spring Bake Sale on Wednesday (4/24) at the UTMB Library and raised $70 to fund Stay Shady Presentation supplies. UTMB DIG would like to give special thanks to the following individuals:

-Caroline Crain (MS3) and Catherine Karam (MS3) for organizing the bake sale!

-Michael Ryan (MS3) and Alec De Jong (MS2) for running the table!

-Caroline Crain (MS3), Elise Weisert (MS2), Michael Ryan (MS3), Christina Davis (MS1), Catherine Karam (MS3), Wade Karam (MS3), Alec De Jong (MS2), and Corley Pruneda (MS3) for donating baked goods to be sold.

Thank you to all the volunteers and customers that helped make the bake sale a success!

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

St. Vincent's Student Clinic Dermatology Night 5/2/19

Join UTMB Dermatology faculty and residents for the upcoming dermatology night at St. Vincent’s Clinic. Please see the calendar link below to reserve your volunteering spot.

When: Thursday, May 2nd at 5:30-8:30PM (volunteers should arrive at 5:15)
Where: St. Vincent's House, 2817 Post Office Street, Galveston, Texas 77550

Volunteer link: http://stvsc.org/index.php/students/sign-up

Volunteers Needed for UTMB Dermatopathology Conference

UTMB will be hosting dermatology residents from around the state for a Dermatopathology Conference this Saturday (4/27/2019). If you are available, volunteers are needed to escort the guests from the parking lot to the main area where the conference will be held. Volunteers will arrive at 8:00 am and be expected to help out for 30 to 60 minutes. Breakfast will also be available for all volunteers afterwards. If you are interested in helping out, please contact Michael Ryan at mpryan@utmb.edu to sign up as well as for additional information.

Monday, April 22, 2019

“Risk of Not Matching” (Dermatology)

Yes, according to a recent JAMA Dermatology article about medical student applicants (2019; 155:137. doi:10.1001/jamadermatol.2018.3498) the “risk of not matching” may be a factor that discourages applicants from applying to dermatology. Due to less available dermatology residency positions than applicants, many excellent dermatology applicants remain unmatched each year. What should dermatology applicants consider? NRMP match statistics permit insight about the dermatology applicant pool for individual comparisons. Applicants should also consider their plan in the event of not matching into dermatology. Are they willing to take an unaccredited (but usually paid) dermatology clinical fellowship for several years in order to improve their research credentials in the hope of a future successful dermatology match? Or complete a primary care specialty with the hope of reapplying to dermatology (this strategy is less likely to be successful due to diminished Medicare Part B funding for a second residency). Some dermatology applicants who would prefer dermatology residency but are interested in other areas of medical practice as well may apply for a “backup residency” in case there is no dermatology match. 

Dermatology Award Trends at the National Student Research Forum

Sunday, April 21, 2019

UTMB MS3 Publishes Case Report in The Journal of Cutaneous Pathology

Congratulations to Michael Ryan (MS3) for his recent publication in The Journal of Cutaneous Pathology:

A rare variant of extraskeletal osteosarcoma presenting as a clinically benign subcutaneous neoplasm. Ryan MP, Woolridge KF, Sedrak M, Berlingeri-Ramos AC, Group AR. J Cutan Pathol. 2019 Apr 11. doi: 10.1111/cup.13474. [Epub ahead of print] PMID: 30972791

His co-authors from UTMB included Dr. Ashley Group (Associate Professor of Dermatology) and Dr. Kate Woolridge (PGY-4 Resident), as well as former UTMB Assistant Professor Dr. Berlingeri-Ramos and former UTMB dermatopathology fellow Dr. Sedrak.

Saturday, April 20, 2019

NSRF 2019 Dermatology Award Winners

Congratulations to the following award winners at the 2019 National Student Research Forum:

Best Oral Presentation:

Jacquelyn Dang
Loyola University Chicago Stritch School of Medicine
Sunscreen application technique amongst patients with a history of skin cancer

Best Poster Presentation:

Elise Weisert
University of Texas Medical Branch
Assessment of Online Patient Materials for Acne Vulgaris: An Analysis of Readability and Patient Understanding

Congratulations to both award winners and a special thanks to the Department of Dermatology for funding these awards!

Thursday, April 18, 2019

UTMB Medical Student Dermatology Abstracts at the 2019 National Student Research Forum (NSRF)

UTMB is hosting the 60th Annual National Student Research Forum on April 18th and 19th this year in Levin Hall, and a new addition to the conference is the available of meeting podium and poster abstracts online. Congratulations to the following UTMB medical students participating in the dermatology section this year:

MS4 Keith Wagner: Online Skin Disease Hoaxes: An Evaluation on Their Scope and Potential Impact on Dermatology, https://www.nsrj.org/post/online-skin-disease-hoaxes-an-evaluation-on-their-scope-and-potential-impact-on-dermatology

MS3 Michael Ryan: An Atypical Presentation of Juvenile Xanthogranuloma,https://www.nsrj.org/post/an-atypical-presentation-of-juvenile-xanthogranuloma

MS3 Michael Ryan: Bullous Hemorrhagic Lichen Sclerosus of the Breast,https://www.nsrj.org/post/bullous-hemorrhagic-lichen-sclerosus-of-the-breast

MS3 Caroline Crain: Eruptive Lichenoid Lesions Following Introduction of Leflunomide,https://www.nsrj.org/post/eruptive-lichenoid-lesions-following-introduction-of-leflunomide

MS3 Maureen Ezekor: Low-dose Methotrexate-Induced Acute Pneumonitis in Patient with Bullous Pemphigoid, https://www.nsrj.org/post/low-dose-methotrexate-induced-acute-pneumonitis-in-patient-with-bullous-pemphigoid

MS3 Maureen Ezekor: Concomitant Kwashiorkor and Zinc Deficiency in a Middle-Aged Obese Woman; Characteristics and Risk, https://www.nsrj.org/post/concomitant-kwashiorkor-and-zinc-deficiency-in-a-middle-aged-obese-woman-characteristics-and-risk

MS2 Elise Weisert: Assessment of Online Patient Materials for Acne Vulgaris: An Analysis of Readability and Patient Understanding, https://www.nsrj.org/post/assessment-of-online-patient-materials-for-acne-vulgaris-an-analysis-of-readability-and-patient



Wednesday, April 17, 2019

UTMB’s Economic Impact

 According to the Wednesday, April 17, 2019 Galveston Daily News (page C3), in 2018 UTMB’s financial impact was a $2.25 billion budget, with about 3350 students and 13,100 employees (2067 in the academic enterprise). 

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Another Successful Melanoma Walk

This year’s AIM at Melanoma Walk took place this past Saturday (4/13/19) on the Seawall. Caitlin Pekowski (MS3) planned and organized the event with the help of Ryan Lawrence (MS4), Caroline Crain (MS3), Michael Ryan (MS3), Corley Pruneda (MS3), and Christina Davis (MS1). DIG was able to make the event very successful this year with over $3300 raised to fight Melanoma! The walk had a Melanoma Survivor Honoree recognized for the first time, which generated a lot of interest in the walk and donations, as well as provided a deeper connection for why we hold this event. A special thank you to Caitlin Perkowski and all the other DIG members who helped make this event a success!

Left to right: Christina Davis, Michael Ryan, Corley Pruneda, Caitlin Pekowski, Caroline Crain

Still a Seller’s Market?

While it is difficult to ascertain the exact nature of advertised dermatology positions from a distance, a recent mailed request for a general dermatologist will likely generate interest. The opportunity offered a “guaranteed starting salary of $450,000 with a production bonus that can add significantly to the base salary.” In addition, the employer noted that “...with a signed contract, we will pay a monthly stipend to residents while in training.” Too good to be true?

Monday, April 15, 2019

Texas Medicine Reports Value of Hospital-Employed Physicians

 The April 2019 issue of Texas Medicine in its “Pulse” column reported interesting data learned from the 2019 Merritt Hawkin’s Physician Inpatient/Outpatient Revenue Survey. Primary care physicians produce a net revenue of $2,133,273, while specialists earn $2,446,429. The average for all physicians was $2,378,727 (page 8).

UTMB Medical Students Publish Research on Dermatology Residency Match

Congratulations to UTMB MS3 Michael Ryan and his MS2 coauthor Alec De Jong for their recent letter in the March 2019 issue of Dermatology Online Journal titled, “Medical School Rankings and Dermatology Match Results: An Analysis of the 2018 Match Data.” Their coauthor was Dr. Richard Wagner, UTMB Dermatology Program Director. The article may be found online at: https://escholarship.org/uc/item/59p3z80r

UTMB MS3 Authors Case Report about Ulcerative Tophaceous Gout

Congratulations to 2019-2020 UTMB DIG President and current MS3 Michael Ryan for the publication of a fascinating case of ulcerative gout in the March 2019 issue of Dermatology Online Journal. The citation is:
https://escholarship.org/uc/item/48z2d0k6#main UTMB Dermatology co-authors were Drs. Seena Monjazeb (PGY2 dermatology resident), Brandon Goodwin (Assistant Professor) and Ashley Group (Associate Professor).  

UTMB PGY3 Dermatology Resident Publishes in Dermatologic Surgery

 Congratulations to UTMB PGY3 Dr. Julie Croley for her latest first author publication, “Reconstruction of medium to large scalp defects by progressive tightening of pulley sutures for staged primary closure.” Her coauthors on this surgical series were Drs. C. Helen Malone (UTMB Mohs Fellow, 2016-2017), Jason Hirshburg (UTMB Mohs Fellow, 2017-2018), and Richard Wagner (UTMB Mohs Fellowship Director). The PubMed citation for this original article is Dermatol Surg. 2019 Apr 5. doi: 10.1097/DSS.0000000000001946. [Epub ahead of print] No abstract available. PMID: 30964783

UTMB PGY4 Co-authors JAAD Split Earlobe Repair Article in JAAD

Volunteers Needed for DIG Bake Sale

DIG will be hosting its spring bake sale on April 24th from 11am to 1pm. We are looking for volunteers to bring baked goods and to help set up/run the table during the event. If you're interested in volunteering, please sign up using the link below. If you have any questions, please contact Caroline Crain (cbcrain@utmb.edu). 


Friday, April 05, 2019

DIG Volunteer Opportunity In Skin Cancer Screening

Please join UTMB dermatology faculty and residents during the annual UTMB Department of Dermatology free skin cancer screening from 10 am to noon on Saturday morning, May 4 at the Steward Road Family Clinic. Your help is appreciated!

Wednesday, April 03, 2019

Volunteers Needed for Melanoma Walk

With DIG hosting the 14th Annual AIM at Melanoma 5k Walk & Fun Run on the Seawall April 13th, we are looking for volunteers to help with set up/sign in/standing at the turn around point! Any donations from DIG members of bananas, granola bars, or cases of water to pass out to participants would also be greatly appreciated even if you can't make it that Saturday. If you are interested in volunteering or donating items please sign up using the link!

Monday, April 01, 2019

2019 Dermatology Match Statistics

The NRMP has published information about the 2019 Dermatology Match (see https://mk0nrmpcikgb8jxyd19h.kinstacdn.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/03/Advance-Data-Tables-2019_WWW.pdf ). In 2019 there were 128 participating dermatology residency programs with 447 available positions. For advanced position applicants, 488 were US Allopathic Seniors out of a total 701 applicants (69.6%). 370 US Allopathic Seniors successfully matched into 444 advanced positions (83.3%).