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Monday, November 27, 2017

UTMB MS4 Publishes Case Report

Congratulations to UTMB MS4 Morgan Arnold for her recently published case report, “A case of erythema multiforme major following administration of ciprofloxacin ophthalmic drops,” in the November 2017 issue of Dermatology Online Journal (Volume 23, Volume 10). Her co-author was dermatology professor, Dr. M. Wilkerson. The article is available at https://escholarship.org/uc/item/49k2k7xt

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

New York Times Publishes Critical Article About Dermatology Practices

DIG members (especially those currently interviewing for dermatology residencies) should review the November 20, 2017 New York Times investigative report, “Skin Cancers Rise, Along With Questionable Treatments,” by reporters Katie Hafner and Griffin Palmerov because of the ethical issues that it raises.

Monday, November 20, 2017

UTMB Publishes 3 More Case Reports in SKIN: The Journal of Cutaneous Medicine (Volume 1, Number 3)

Congratulations to the UTMB for their 3 recent publications in SKIN.
These areticles are:

Timolol for Treatment of Recalcitrant Pyogenic Granulomas: a Case Report and Review of the Literature
Paige Hoyer, Priscilla Ly,  Lindy Ross, Michael Wilkerson

Ulcerative Tinea Corporis in an Immunosuppressed patient
Lizy M Paniagua Gonzalez, Alison Lowe, Michael Wilkerson

Basal Cell Carcinoma with Adnexal Differentiation, a Rare Entity and Challenging Histopathology Presentation. Case Report
Lizy M Paniagua Gonzalez, Ikue Shimizu

Friday, November 17, 2017

DIG members help out at Cast Away Cancer

This past Thursday, DIG members participated in Cast Away Cancer, an event organized by member Priscilla Ly (MS3). In addition to making a poster, members Michael Ryan (MS2) and Catherine Hazen (MS2) taught both participants and the community about the different types of skin cancer, steps to recognize suspicious lesions, and ways to stay safe when exposed to the sun. The event was a huge success and even some dermatology faculty and residents stopped by as well! Thank you to all the DIG members who helped make the event a great success!

DIG members and residents (left to right): Michael Ryan (MS2), Catherine
Hazen (MS2), Dr. Chinelo Ikpeama (PGY-4), Dr. Lindy Ross (PGY-4),
 Priscilla Ly (MS3), Caroline Crain (MS2), and Daniel Burkeholder (MS3)

Medical Students (left to right) Priscilla Ly, Michael Ryan,
and Catherine Hazen posing in front of their Skin Cancer Poster


Monday, November 13, 2017

UTMB DIG members help out at local clinic St. Vincent's

This past Saturday, November 11th, UTMB DIG members volunteered their time to teach Galveston locals the importance of sun protection and proper skin care. Daniel Burkholder (MS3) and Tyler Marion (MS3) spent their morning manning the Sun Safety station and gave out many free sunscreen samples to the community. Thank you DIG members for helping to make the St. Vincent’s Health Fair a success!"
Medical Students Daniel Burkholder and Tyler Marion teaching the community about sun safety.

Fall Bake Sale Success

The Dermatology Interest Group held their Fall Fundraising Bake Sale this past Monday to raise money for DIG's community outreach programs such as Stay Shady! The Bake Sale was a great success and we are looking forward to having another one this upcoming spring! Special thanks to Uloma Ibezim (MS3) for organizing the fundraiser and to Michael Ryan (MS2), Caitlin Pekowski (MS2), Caroline Crain (MS2), Mai-Ahn Vu (MS2), Aspen Stuart (MS2), Catherine Hazen (MS2), and Tyler Marion (MS3) for providing the delicious treats that were sold. We are very appreciative of everyone who bought baked goods or donated for the cause! Thank you to all who helped make the bake sale a success!
Medical Students Caitlin Pekowski and Michael Ryan selling delicious treats!

Botox on Cover of Bloomberg Businessweek

DIG blog readers will remember that Time featured Botox on its cover in January 2017. Last month, Bloomberg Businessweek’s cover featured a photo of Botox being injected into the lower eyelid (Cynthia Koons, Botox: The most lucrative, poisonous and secret formula on Earth, pages 50-53, October 30, 2017). It is recommended reading for all interested in Botox.

Stay Shady Visits Austin Middle School!

This past Thursday, November 9th, UTMB DIG members presented Stay Shady to 130 fifth grade students at Austin Middle School. Michael Ryan (MS2) gave an interactive Stay Shady Presentation and discussed ways to stay safe in the sun and Tyler Marion (MS3), Daniel Burkholder (MS3), and Catherine Hazen (MS2) facilitated small groups for the students to make UV bracelets with special beads that change color when exposed to harmful UV rays. The teachers were very supportive and welcoming to DIG members, and the students enjoyed the presentation and had fun making color-changing UV bracelets. Austin Middle School Teachers say they "can't wait for DIG to come back again next year!"

Medical Students (from left to right) Daniel Burkholder, Catherine Hazen, Michael Ryan, and Tyler Marion preparing to make UV bracelets with the students.

Michael Ryan (MS2) presenting Stay Shady!

UTMB Dermatology Presents 18 Virtual Cases at Annual Knox Lecture

Thanks to all of the UTMB residents and faculty who made these interesting virtual presentations possible! The presentations were as follows:

1) Primary Systemic Amyloidosis (William Tausend M.D., Brent Kelly M.D., Bernard Gibson M.D.)
2) Disseminated Coccidioidomycosis (William Tausend M.D., Brent Kelly M.D.)
3) Metastatic Squamoid Anaplastic Thyroid Cancer (Kristin Wolf, M.D.; Brandon Goodwin, M.D.; Brent Kelly, M.D.)
4) Disseminated Vesicular Mycobacterium Abscessus Infection (Kristin Wolf, M.D.; Brent Kelly, MD; Janice Wilson, M.D.)
5) Trichorrhexis Nodosa (Adam Nguyen, MD and Brandon Goodwin, MD)
6) Lupus Profundus Complicated by Ulceration (Katelyn Woolridge, MD and Ashley Group, MD)
7) Cutaneous Extraskeletal Osteosarcoma (Katelyn Woolridge, M.D. and Ashley Group, M.D.)
8) Nail-Patella Syndrome (Arathi Rana, MD and Bernard Gibson, MD)
9) Multicentric Reticulohistiocytosis (Adrian Subrt, M.D. and Brent Kelly, M.D.)
10) Linear Porokeratosis (Adrian Subrt, M.D. and Michael Wilkerson, M.D.)
11) Cat Scratch Disease (Kyle Kaltwasser, MD; Janice Wilson, MD; Ashley Group, MD)
12) Eczema Herpeticum (Kyle Kaltwasser, M.D. and Bernard Gibson, M.D.)
13) Rothmund-Thomson Syndrome (Skyler White, M.D. and Bernard Gibson, M.D.)
14) MIDAS Syndrome (Lindy Ross, M.D. and Sharon Raimer, M.D.)
15) Leishmaniasis Recidivans (Lindy Ross, M.D. and Erica Kelly, M.D.)
16) Bullous Pilomatricoma (Vlad Codrea, M.D. Ph.D. and Erica Kelly, M.D.)
17) Scleredema of Buschke (Vlad Codrea M.D., Ph.D. and Jason Hirshburg M.D., Ph.D.)
18) Necrolytic Acral Erythema (Julie Croley, M.D. and Brent Kelly, M.D.)

DIG played an active role in the success of this conference through the volunteerism of its members who directed attendees from UTMB parking lots to the correct building on campus for the presentations. Thanks for your help!

Friday, November 03, 2017

CoolSculpting® Now Available at UTMB Galveston UHC

UTMB Dermatology is now offering CoolSculpting® (an FDA-Cleared device that removes unwanted fat nonsurgically through freezing) in the UHC Dermatology Clinic. Those considering this procedure should ask one of the UTMB dermatologists about it.

Volunteers Needed for Knox Lecture on Saturday, November 11, 2017

Dermatologists from around Texas will be attending the upcoming Knox Lecture hosted by UTMB Dermatology next Saturday morning, November 11th. Volunteers are needed to help guide our visitors to the correct building on the UTMB campus. Please contact UTMB PGY4 Dr. Lindy Ross for more information if you are able to assist (and hopefully attend) this interesting and educational dermatology conference.