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Monday, November 22, 2004

Ambulatory Community Selective DERU-4005 and DERU-4049 (Student Created Sites)

This popular selective is valuable for students interested in a career in Dermatology or primary care. This selective will enhance dermatologic and therapeutic skills. The student will also obtain an appreciation of the variety of practices and lifestyles available to community dermatologists, the community health resources available to patients and physicians, and practice management issues.
By the end of the four weeks, the student should have proficiency in at least ten frequently encountered dermatologic problems, knowledge of the variety of practice options available to dermatologists in the community, and identify the role of the dermatologist in the community and available community resources.

The course director, Dr. Erica Kelly, is very approachable and can be reached at the Department of Dermatology office at 4.112 McCullough Bldg.

Grading is based 70% on the preceptor evaluation and 30% on a written case report on an interesting patient. The case report is expected to be well-written and should be of publication quality.

Some of the possible physicians that are amenable to serve as preceptors are listed below according to region. In addition, there is also an opportunity to create your own site if there is a particular dermatologist that you would like to work with.

Eddy McCarthy, M.D.
Rebecca McCarthy, M.D.

Danny Thomas, M.D.

Susan Dozier, M.D.

William Gilmore M.D.
Sherry Heartfield, M.D.

Amy Farmer, M.D.

Dan McCoy, M.D.

El Campo
Melissa Kainer, M.D.

Ramon Sanchez, M.D.

Leonard Goldberg, M.D.
Don Owens, M.D. at Kelsey Sebold
Mark Price, M.D.

Lake Jackson
Frank Peltier, M.D.

Rick Newton, M.D.

Lynn Warthan, M.D.

Susanne Lockheart, M.D.

San Antonio
Dearl Dotson, M.D.
Liz Beatman, M.D.

Arlis Lowe, M.D.

Beth Morris, M.D.

Saturday, November 06, 2004