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Tuesday, August 03, 2021

Recap of the 1st General DIG Meeting 2021-2022


DIG was joined tonight by UTMB Dermatology Program Director Dr. Richard Wagner to discuss questions about applying and matching into dermatology. Thank you Dr. Wagner for such an informative meeting! Meeting recap:

Talk with Dr. Wagner:
- Dermatology is an extremely competitive field. 4th year students who match into dermatology often have many publications, research experiences, volunteer activities, superior USMLE Step scores, and belong to the AOA Medical Honor Society. If you don't match the first year, work on getting things published during your intern year, then reapply. Don't give up! It is very possible to match into Dermatology the second or third time around. Clinical fellowship positions are available for residents, often after the completion of intern year. 
- Get involved with research early! Participate in posters and podium presentations at Texas Dermatologic Society meetings held two times yearly. Research opportunities are also available during electives, including Dr. Wagner's unique online dermatology courses and NSRF held at UTMB. 
- Students should continue to volunteer at St. Vincent's Dermatology Night, held the first Thursday of every month. First year students should complete the required orientation as well as the additional COVID adjusted quiz to be eligible to sign up. This is a great opportunity to interact with residents and faculty. 
- Preceptorships in dermatology are available for first year medical students after completion of their first year. The department takes 8 students over the 2 elective periods. Additionally, the summer research program (SRP) is a 6-8 week summer elective that allows students to receive funding for a specific research project. For more information: https://www.utmb.edu/gsbs/current-students/programs-and-curricula/summer-research-program-srp/welcome-to-srp
- Consider participating in the Honors Research Program in Dermatology. The official deadline for the Honors Proposal is 12/31 of the student's third year, but extensions may be possible. Projects, to be completed by April of the 4th year, allow students to have honors distinction at graduation and have a 97% match rate into dermatology. 
- The President's Cabinet Award is available for yearly submission every year for students with unique ideas to improve the UTMB and Galveston communities. 
- The UTMB Department of Dermatology has a wide variety of electives, ranging from Clinical Dermatology and Research, to Dermatopathology, Mohs Surgery and online electives such as Dermatology in Film. UTMB is second in the country behind UCSF for the number of medical student electives in dermatology. Some clinical electives are now even offered as 2 week electives. The Acting Internship in dermatology is offered the first few periods of 4th year and fulfills medical student graduation requirements. Additionally, BSHS graduation requirements may be fulfilled with dermatology courses. 
- Most dermatology residency programs are advanced positions. Residents are required to complete a PGY1 preliminary or transitional year prior to starting dermatology residency. There are a few US programs that have categorical dermatology programs. 
Upcoming events:
- Skin of Color series will be ongoing! Contact Bianca Uzoma if you would like more updates about upcoming events.
- Student Organization Fair date it to be determined and DIG will be participating to talk to interested students about our organization.  
- Stay Shady will go on! Stay tuned for upcoming dates this fall.
-Hats for the Homeless will have monthly events. Please fill out this google form if you are interested in volunteering: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeELtKI6Ot3H4omb-Tdllh8BDhZAqmUVj5Yzf-W235IgNIuow/viewform
- St. Vincent's Health Fair is to be determined. DIG will once again man the "Ban the Burn" booth. 
- The Fundraising Committee is working in place of the Fall Bake Sale. 
- DIG President Michal Phan has put together a mentorship program for upper and lower level medical students interested in matching into dermatology. A form will be released soon for interested students. 
- Melanoma and Psoriasis Walks as well as the Suture Workshop are TBD. 
- DIG Research Chairs are coordinating a research collaboration with residents for upcoming conference presentations. Priority will be given to students participating in DIG events!