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Friday, June 26, 2009

New UTMB Dermatology BSHS Selective Approved for Period 13 (Winter Break)

A new BSHS dermatology course, DERU-4012, "Narratives of Skin Diseases" taught by Dr. Richard Wagner has been approved for UTMB MS4 medical students during Period 13 (December 14, 2009 through January 8, 2010). From the course description:

"Skin diseases represent some of the most frequent clinical diagnoses and account for the most work-related disability in the United States. Disfigurement of the face and other exposed skin are a major morbidity of many skin diseases and their treatment. Students taking this course will develop a greater understanding about and empathy for the impact of different types of skin diseases from the 3 required texts (nonmelanoma skin cancer, leprosy and vitiligo) on people and their lives and will be able to learn more about the personal and life impact of eczema, psoriasis or graft versus host skin disease in the final assignment. This course will focus on autobiographical and biographical accounts about people with skin diseases and the impact of the skin disease on their lives and the lives of others... During the 4th week of the seminar, the student will select another text available from the dermatology lending library for critical and comparative analysis to the 3 required texts and be required to submit a 5-10 page essay on this topic on the last Friday of the Period. The 3 required texts for this course are: Week 1: Saving Face: My Victory Over Skin Cancer (Carolyn Shuck, 2000, 236 pages) Week 2: Squint: My Journey with Leprosy (Jose Ramirez, 2009, 218 pages) Week 3: Turning White: A Memoir of Change (Thomas Lee, 2007, 176 pages) Week 4: Students may select any of the following texts to analyze and use for critical comparison to the 3 core texts used in the seminar: From the Journal of a Leper (John Updike, 1976), One Hundred Days (David Biro, 2000, 289 pages), or Sentenced to Science: One Black Man's Story of Imprisonment in America (Allen Hornblum, 2007, 204 pages), All texts for this seminar are available from the Dermatology Lending Library."

Enrollment in this course is limited to 5 students.