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Tuesday, July 06, 2004

DIG@UTMB Constitution

Constitution of Dermatology Interest Group (DIG) @ UTMB June 29,2004

Article I. Dermatology Interest Group (DIG) @ UTMB

Article II. Affiliations with the dermatology department of UTMB

Article III. Statement of purpose: The Dermatology Interest Group (DIG) @UTMB is a student organization which recognizes dermatology as a broad, interesting, and challenging area of medicine. The missions of DIG @ UTMB are:
• To encourage medical student interest in dermatology;
• To increase exposure of medical students to dermatology;
• To foster a sense of collegiality among students interested in dermatology;
• To help students find mentors within the field of dermatology;
• To provide information for students interested in skin research;
• To inform students about dermatology events at UTMB, locally, regionally, and nationally;
• To promote attendance at national and regional dermatology conferences; and
• To teach people in the Galveston community about preventive measures to protect against skin diseases.
• To create and disperse an electronic newsletter which will form a cohesive link between students, faculty, residents, alumni and to disperse information regarding opportunities in research, experience, and volunteerism within dermatology.

Article IV. Membership:
Section 1. Membership shall be open to students of the University of Texas Medical Branch regardless of race, national origin, creed or political affiliation, sex, sexual orientation, religion, age, handicap or veteran’s status.
Section 2. Membership must be limited to students, faculty and staff of UTMB. This may also include alumni of UTMB.
Section 3. All members will be considered active members.
Section 4. The only provision for membership is an interest in dermatology. The only provision for termination is unethical behavior.
Section 5. There will be no membership dues or fees.

Article V. Officers:
Section 1. There will only be one officer designated as the president. If the need arises for more officers, then the constitution will be amended to expand for other offices.
Section 2. The president will serve for one year and must be in his/her senior year of medical school. If there is no senior medical student available to serve, then a junior medical student may be elected. If there is no junior medical student to serve then a sophomore medical student may be elected. If there is no sophomore medical student to serve then a freshman medical student may be elected.
Section 3. Officers will be elected at the beginning of the school year in anticipation of serving the following year.
Section 4. The president will be in charge of calling meetings, creating and updating the newsletter, and facilitating events with the department of dermatology.
Section 5. Officers will be recalled if there is any evidence of unethical behavior.

Article VI. Executive Board
Section 1. Voting members include the faculty advisor, elected officers and active members.
Section 2. Ex-officio members include the faculty advisor (Dr. Richard Wagner) who is a voting member.

Article VII. Meetings
Section 1. Meetings will be called on an as needed basis.
Section 2. The officers and the faculty advisor have authority to call a meeting with as much notice as possible for a particular event.
Section 3. Quorum will be as many members that can attend a particular meeting, i.e. greater than one member.

Article VIII. Method to Amend the Constitution: An amendment may be proposed by any officer, any active member, or the faculty advisor and will be passed if there is a majority vote for acceptance.

Article IX. Dissolution Clause:
Section 1. If in the event an officer is permanently incapacitated, resigns or is removed, then that position will be filled according to Article V., Section 2.
Section 2. If the organization should dissolve, funds will be disbursed by the faculty advisor.