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Monday, March 07, 2016

UTMB MS3, Kristyna Gleghorn, and MS4, Julie Croley, return from the Annual AAD Conference

The Annual American Academy of Dermatology Conference was held in Washington D.C. this past weekend (March 4-8).  UTMB MS3 Kristyna Gleghorn and MS4 Julie Croley received funding from the UTMB Student Government Association to attend. Both Julie and Kristyna were selected by a competitive process to present their research at the Gross and Microscopic Symposium. Kristyna presented a case of Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy at the Gross and Microscopic Symposium and a poster entitled "Can Valproic Acid Cause DRESS?". Julie Croley presented "Necrolytic Acral Erythema: A Case Report of Extensive Disease and Rapid Improvement with Elemental Zinc Supplementation" at the Gross and Microscopic Symposium and also participated in Dermatology Teachers Exchange where she presented her research on Mohs Surgical Reconstruction Education. Kristyna and Julie will present what they learned at the conference during the next UTMB DIG meeting (date TBD). 

Thank you to the UTMB Student Government Association for funding this wonderful learning experience for Kristyna, Julie, and the UTMB DIG!

Please email Kristyna Gleghorn (klglegho@utmb.edu) or Julie Croley (jaamthor@utmb.edu) with any inquiries on the topic or conference.

Kristyna Gleghorn (UTMB MSIII) and Julie Croley (UTMB MSIV) at the AAD podium after their Gross & Microscopic presentations. 
Kristyna Gleghorn (MSIII) at the podium discussing a case report of Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy. 

Julie Croley (MS4) at the podium discussing her reserach on Mohs Surgical Reconstruction Education.