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Wednesday, October 18, 2017

More Than 3 Requires IRB!

Case reports are generally exempt from IRB review. However, if more than 3 cases are reported (“Series”) the UTMB IRB wants to know about it! Make sure that you get IRB approval or exemption for case series involving more than three patients!

Monday, October 16, 2017

New Stay Shady Volunteer Date on 11/9/17

UTMB DIG is excited to announce this year's first Stay Shady presentation for the 5th graders at Austin Middle School (1514 Ave N, Galveston, TX) at 8:30 am on November 9th! There will be a presentation by second year medical student Michael Ryan and afterwards students will break into smaller medical student run groups for a craft activity. We are looking for 5 additional student volunteers to come facilitate smalls group of about 20 students in which you will be making UV bracelets and answering student questions about sun protection. Please plan on arriving no later than 8:15 am and please be willing to stay until 9:30 am. No prior experience is needed in order to volunteer and all supplies will be provided! 

Contact Michael Ryan (mpryan@utmb.edu) to reserve your spot as a volunteer; spots are first come first serve. This is a wonderful opportunity to help educate the next generation of students about the importance of sun protection.

DIGA Resource for Dermatology Applicants

DIGA is a national resource for dermatology applicants that extends beyond our local UTMB DIG. Its website is http://derminterest.org/ UTMB MS4 Paige Hoyer is an officer (Residency Interview Database Director) in DIGA and can be contacted for more information about this organization.

UTMB Mohs Technician Receives Additional Training

UTMB Mohs Histotechnician Ms. Jeanne March attended the Mohs Technician Quality Assurance (MTQA) Training Initiative in October 2017 that was offered by the American Society for Mohs Histotechnology. Attendance at this customized training program was exclusively offered for technicians who current work for physician members of the American College of Mohs Surgery, where Dr. Richard Wagner is a Fellow. Training included lecture and lab instruction in mapping, inking, embedding, staining, cryosections, CLIA regulations, and laboratory troubleshooting.

Friday, October 13, 2017

Good News for UTMB MS4s Taking Away Dermatology Electives

In the past, UTMB did not give double elective credit to our medical students that took “Clinical Dermatology” at UTMB and the same elective with another dermatology department where they took an away rotation. No more! Now UTMB medical students can receive elective credit for an unlimited number of their away “Clinical Dermatology” electives! This is an important change, since the most frequently elective offered nationally by US dermatology departments is “Clinical Dermatology.” And more often than not, it is the only dermatology elective that they offer.

Thursday, October 12, 2017

DIG 10/11/17 Meeting Recap

Thank you to all members who were able to attend our fall meeting last night and a very big thank you to Dr. Wagner, who took time out of his busy schedule to speak to DIG members. Please see below for a quick recap of the meeting:

  1. Stay Shady (Michael Ryan; MS2; mpryan@utmb.edu)
    • Stay Shady is currently working on obtaining 8 dates (4 fall and 4 spring) to present Stay Shady to different schools in the area
    • Look for sign-up opportunities on the blog or by email
    • Contact Michael Ryan for more information
  2. Bake Sale Date (Uloma Ibezim; MS3; ucibezim@utmb.edu)
    • Tentatively scheduled for 11/13
    • Check your email for a sign-up document for members to donate baked goods
    • The fall and spring bake sale are used to help defray the cost of supplies for Stay Shady
  3. Volunteer opportunities
    • Melanoma Walk (Paige Hoyer; pehoyer@utmb.edu)
      • Paige Hoyer (MS4) is currently looking for either an MS1 or MS2 to help with planning the annual Melanoma Walk
      • Paige did an amazing job with the walk the past spring on the seawall and we would like to continue this!
    • Houston Psoriasis Walk (Jacob Benavidez; Jacobbenavidez7@gmail.com)
      • Jacob Benavidez (MS3) is looking for volunteers to help with the annual Psoriasis Walk
      • It will be on Saturday, March 10th, 2018
      • For more information, visit www.teamnpf.org/houstonwalk or contact Jacob
    • Be Joint Smart (Jacob Benavidez; Jacobbenavidez7@gmail.com)
    • DIGA Board and Regional Representatives (Paige Hoyer; pehoyer@utmb.edu)
      • Please check your email for a message about information on applying to be a member of the national DIGA board as well as volunteer opportunities from DIGA
      • For more information, please visit the DIGA website http://derminterest.org/About.aspx
    • Cast Away Cancer (Priscilla Ly; pfly@utmb.edu)
      • Cancer awareness event hosted by UTMB SGA and started by DIG member Priscilla Ly (MS3)
      • DIG is looking for volunteers to help create a skin cancer awareness poster and ways to both screen for and prevent skin cancer
      • Will be on 11/16 with free food and T shirts provided
  4. Q&A with Dr. Wagner
    • Dr. Wagner has been the Program Director for UTMB Dermatology for more than 15 years. Last night, he took time out of his busy schedule to come answer questions that DIG members had in order to become successful, competitive applicants. Topics included: overall information about applying, research, away rotations, and schedule recommendations.
      • Overall information about Dermatology
        • Almost all Dermatology residencies are 3 year Advanced positions
        • For the intern year, the ACGME allows Preliminary Internal Medicine, Preliminary Surgery, Transitional Year, Categorical General Surgery, Categorical Pediatrics, and Categorical OBGYN to count as a successful intern year
        • Applicants typically apply for Prelim - IM or Transitional Year; however, it is becoming more competitive to match into a Transitional Year
        • In addition, if an applicant is interested in a fellowship in dermatology (Pediatric Dermatology, Procedural Dermatology, or Dermatopathology), it may benefit to apply for a Pediatric categorical or a Surgery Prelim or Categorical position
        • In addition, applicants need to know that both the overall number and the quality of applicants increases every year
      • Research
        • Dr. Wagner recommends at least 10 abstracts, presentations, and publications combined in order to be a competitive applicant
        • The most important way to get research is to be present around the department and be proactive (done though electives or St. Vincent's)
        • Research is the expectation now by programs
      • Away rotations
        • One of the most important parts of the process because 50% of applicant match at their home program or places they did away rotations at
        • Because what a program values as important varies widely, away rotations allow both the program and the applicant to see if they are a "good fit" for one another
        • Things to consider are if other UTMB students have matched at a given program recently and the size/previous matches of different programs (smaller programs may prefer their own students versus larger programs who may cast a wider net)
        • In some instances, the away rotation can be better than the interview itself
        • Even if students are limited by their schedule, Dr. Wagner stresses that it is important to do as many away rotations are you can
      • Fourth year schedule recommendations
        • Do your best to avoid having rotations during interview season. 
        • If required, choose easier courses to do during interview season so that you may attend your interviews
        • Don't do away rotations during interview season (avoid December and January at all costs; Best to do them from July until early November)
        • Be prepared for conflicts when receiving interview applications because some programs interview on the same day. In that event, decide which one you have the best chance to match at
        • Talk to upperclassmen to figure out and decide on good electives and away rotations

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Reminder: Meeting today at 5pm

DIG meeting today in the 5th floor conference room for all DIG members. Topics for discussion include: Stay Shady dates/sign-up, Texas Derm Society recap, Fall Bake Sale, and upcoming volunteer opportunities. In addition, UTMB Program Director and DIG Faculty Adviser Dr. Richard Wagner will be present to provide general advice/recommendations as well as host an informal Q&A session.
What: Fall DIG Meeting
When: Wednesday, October 11th @ 5pm
Where: 5th floor conference room (5.124 McCullough)

Thursday, October 05, 2017

UTMB MS2 Michael Ryan Defends Dermatology Honors Research Thesis

UTMB MS2 Michael Ryan successfully defended his UTMB Dermatology Research Honors Thesis, “Dermatologic Depictions in Animated Movies,” on October 5, 2017.  He was awarded Magna Cum Laude graduation research honors. Members of Ryan’s ad hoc honors thesis committee were Drs. M. K. Peek,  R. Wagner (faculty advisor), B. Kelly, and J. Wilson. Congratulations to Michael for this outstanding early academic dermatology research recognition!

Congratulations Ms. Kimberly Cooper!

The UTMB DIG congratulates Ms. Kimberly Cooper. She was one of five UTMB Program Coordinators selected by UTMB GME to attend the 2018 Annual Educational Conference held by the ACGME. Ms. Cooper is currently the UTMB Dermatology Residency Program Coordinator (Dr. R. Wagner, Dermatology Program Director) and this July also became the Program Coordinator for the UTMB Dermatopathology Fellowship (Dr. Brent Kelly, Dermatopathology Fellowship Director). The meeting is held in Orlando, Florida during March.

Dr. Uyen Ngoc Mui Returns to Texas

The UTMB DIG was pleased to learn that Dr. Uyen Ngoc Mui (UTMB SOM Class of 2016) has returned to Texas following her PGY1 year in Callifornia. She is currently a clinical dermatology research fellow working under Dr. Stephen Tyring at the Center for Clinical Studies.

Ultherapy Now Available at UTMB Bay Colony Dermatology Clinic

UTMB dermatologists have now completed Ultherapy training and the service is now available at the Bay Colony (League City) UTMB Dermatology Clinic. This ultrasound-based device was approved by the FDA in 2009 for noninvasive eyebrow lifts, and in 2012 for the treatment of neck and submental skin laxity.

Tuesday, October 03, 2017

UTMB Medical Students, Residents, and Faculty Present at Fall 2017 Texas Dermatological Society Meeting

Congratulations to all of the UTMB medical students (underlined below), residents, and faculty that presented at the fall meeting of the Texas Dermatological Society in Bastrop, Texas. The following presentations made the program:

Podium Abstracts

Michael P. Ryan, Vail Reese, Richard F. Wagner. Dermatologic depictions in animated movies.

Poster Abstracts

Tara Akunna, Chinelo Ikpeama, Michael Wilkerson. Pseudokeratoacanthoma associated with T. tonsurans tinea capitis.

Morgan Arnold, Adrian Subrt, Michael Wilkerson. A 68-year-old-female with diffuse dermal angiomatosis of the breast.

Jacob Benavidez, Lindy Ross, Brent Kelly. Atypical presentation of xanthomas in a patient with undiagnosed familial hypercholesterolemia.

Vlad Codrea, Katrina Kesterson, Bernard Gibson. A case of idiopathic annular lichen planus.

Caroline Crain, Chinelo Ikpeama, Michael Wilkerson. A 16-year-old female with a breast rash.

Maureen EzekorTimothy Allen, Chinelo Ikpeama, Erica Kelly. An 88-year-old male with an itchy rash.

Benjamin Falck, Kristin Wolf, Brent Kelly. Vesicular mycobacterium abscessus infection mimicking disseminated herpes zoster in a burn patient.

Josh Hays, Helen Malone, Chinelo Ikpeama, Brandon Goodwin, Richard F. Wagner. Reactive eccrine syringofibroadenoma associated with basal cell carcinoma: a histologic mimicker of fibroepithelioma of Pinkus.

Paige HoyerPriscilla Ly, Adrian Subrt, Brent Kelly. Multicentric reticulohistiocytosis: a case report.

Lindy Ross, Michael P. Ryan, Brent C. Kelly. Calciphylaxis after kidney transplantation.

Michael P. Ryan, Helen Malone, Brandon Goodwin, Chinelo S. Ikpeama, Richard F. Wagner, Jr., Pseudohalo basal cell carcinoma.

Adrian Subrt, Katrina Kesterson, Michael Wilkerson. Evolution of a doxycycline-induced phototoxic rash with an unusual distribution.

William Tausend, Tara Akunna, Sharon Raimer. Asymmetric growth of feet in an adolescent female.

Keith Wagner, Brandon Goodwin. A novel weed whacker laceration pattern.

Katelyn Woolridge, Michael P. Ryan, Ashley Group. A rare variant of extraskeletal osteosarcoma presenting as a clinically benign subcutaneous neoplasm.

UTMB medical students(Left to Right) Caitlin Pekowski,
Caroline Crain, Jacob Benavidez, Michael Ryan,
Andrew Armenta, Priscilla Ly, Maureen Ezekor

Monday, October 02, 2017

St. Vincent's Student Clinic Dermatology Night 10/5/17

Join UTMB Dermatology residents and faculty for the upcoming dermatology night (Thursday, October 5th) at St. Vincent’s Clinic. Please see the calendar link below to reserve your volunteering spot:
When: Thursday, October 5th 5:30-8:30PM (volunteers should arrive at 5:15)
Where: St. Vincent's House, 2817 Post Office Street, Galveston, Texas 77550

Friday, September 29, 2017

Updates from the National Psoriasis Foundation

The National Psoriasis Foundation (NPF) recently announced that they have changed the dates for their annual Houston Walk and their Be Joint Smart events due to the effects of Hurricane Harvey. DIG members have both participated in and helped volunteer at these events previously and are encouraged to maintain this tradition! The new dates are Saturday, March 10th, 2018, for the Houston Walk and  Saturday, February 10th, 2018, for Be Joint Smart. Please go to www.teamnpf.org/houstonwalk or https://www.eventbrite.com/e/be-joint-smart-houston-tx-tickets-34157116856 to find out more information about these great events. 

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

DIG Meeting on Wednesday, October 11th at 5pm

On Wednesday, October 11th at 5pm in the 5th floor conference room (McCullough 5.124), the DIG Officers will be hosting the Fall 2017 meeting. Topics for discussion include: Stay Shady dates/sign-up, Texas Derm Society recap, Fall Bake Sale, and other upcoming events of interest. In addition, UTMB Program Director and DIG Faculty Adviser Dr. Richard Wagner will be present to provide general advice/recommendations as well as host an informal Q&A session. This is a great opportunity for interested students to receive advice early on to help them become a top applicant.

What: Fall DIG Meeting
When: Wednesday, October 11th @ 5pm
Where: 5th floor conference room (5.124 McCullough)

Friday, September 22, 2017

Recent PGY4 Dermatology Graduates Provide Lunch for Department

Thanks to our recently graduated PGY4 dermatology residents (and now Diplomates of the American Board of Dermatology!) Elizabeth, Emily, Young, and Alison for the delicious lunch. Wish you could be here with us! We will see y’all in Bastrop at the 2017 fall Texas Dermatological Society meeting in Bastrop, Texas next weekend. UTMB has lots of medical student and resident posters that should be of interest.

MCAT Score Predictive of AOA Election

Medical education researchers at the University of Minnesota report that at their medical school, higher MCAT scores were predictive of future AOA election (P < 0.001 ). Between 2012 and 2016, no students were elected to AOA who scored less than 27 on the MCAT. However, students who scored 38 or higher (99th percentile) had a 27% chance of AOA election. For additional information, please see: https://www.dovepress.com/articles.php?article_id=34741

Galveston is Free on Weekend of September 30/October 1, 2017 (At Least Some Things…)

The City of Galveston is generously offering free Seawall parking and beach (Stewart Beach and East Beach) admission during the weekend of September 30th and October 1st (“Galveston Cares Weekend”). Trolley rides on the Strand are also free these days. Free fireworks at 37th and Seawall honoring first responders. This is a good time to enjoy the wonders of Galveston for free! Please read http://www.chron.com/neighborhood/bayarea/news/article/Galveston-plans-free-beach-weekend-fireworks-and-12217740.php  for additional information.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

UTMB MS4 First Author on Mohs Surgery Article

Congratulations to UTMB MS4 Josh Hays for his recent first author publication, “Reactive Eccrine Syringofibroadenoma Associated With Basal Cell Carcinoma: A Histologic Mimicker of Fibroepithelioma of Pinkus,” This electronic publication, ahead of print, appears in Dermatol Surg. 2017 Sep 4. doi: 10.1097/DSS.0000000000001308, PMID: 28902033.  His co-authors on this study were Drs. H. Malone (UTMB former Mohs Fellow not in private practice in Katy, Texas), Brandon Goodwin (Assistant Professor of Dermatology and Dermatopathology at UTMB), and Richard Wagner (Mohs Fellowship Director). The UTMB DIG blog congratulates Josh for the quality of his research and for his excellent academic productivity!

Friday, September 15, 2017

UTMB PGY4 Dermatology Resident Dr. Chinelo Ikpeama Assists Dermatology Lobbying Effort in Washington, DC

Chinelo Ikpeama MD, MBA, PGY-4 UTMB dermatology resident is photographed with the Texas delegation as they lobby Texas Junior Senator Ted Cruz at Capitol Hill during the 2017 American Academy of Dermatology Association Legislative Conference in Washington DC. Dr. Ikpeama is standing to the immediate right of Senator Cruz in this photograph.

UTMB Mohs Team Publishes Nasal Reconstruction Article in October 2017 JAAD

Congratulations to Dr. Helen Malone (former UTMB Mohs Fellow now in private practice in Katy, Texas), UTMB MS4 Josh Hays, UTMB PGY4 Dermatology Resident Dr. Will Tausend, and Fellowship Director, Dr. Richard Wagner for their October 2017 article, “Interdomal sutures for nasal tip refinement and reduced wound size,” that was electronically published in the October 2017 issue of the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology (Volume 77, Issue 4, pages e107-e108). Of note, Josh Hays drew all of the figures in this report! It is available online at http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0190962217316456
Congratulations to Josh and the rest of the Mohs team for this interesting article!

Stay Alert for New Cases of Murine Typhus in Galveston County

The Galveston County Health Authority has requested assistance in identifying new cases of murine typhus (Rickettsia typhi) that is spread by infected fleas. Infected animals include rats, cats, and opossums. So far this year, there have been 15 new infections identified in Galveston County. Dermatologists may see these patients due to a  maculopapular rash that begins on the trunk and extends peripherally. Additional information about murine typhus can be found at https://www.cdc.gov/typhus/murine/index.html
Please direct any additional questions to 409-938-2208, 409-938-2215 or 409-938-2322

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

2017 UTMB Dermatology Residents Receive an A on ABD Certification Exam

The American Board of Dermatology Provides dermatology residency programs with composite information about the results of their annual Certification Examination each year as one way to evaluate effectiveness of the training program. This year our 4 graduating PGY4 dermatology residents achieved a composite percentile rank of 90%. The failure rate of the 2017 exam was 1.4% of the 496 testees. This makes the third year in a row that UTMB PGY4 graduating dermatology residents have achieved composite percentile ranks of 90% or greater. 130 Programs were ranked by this method in 2017. Congratulations to the UTMB Dermatology Residency Program for this great achievement and recognition.

Friday, September 08, 2017

Dermatology Very Popular With New First Year Students

Dermatology was very popular among the incoming students at welcome weekend (Aug 26-29), with over ~30 people signing up to join the blog. When the DIG booth looks this good, its easy to see why! Thanks to Michael Ryan(MS2) and Keith Wagner (MS3) for volunteering to man the booth.

UTMB Dermatology Operations during Hurricane Harvey

The UTMB Dermatology Clinic was open at UHC in Galveston on Monday, August 28th. Even though UTMB medical students were dismissed from school the previous week to evacuate for Hurricane Harvey (and would not return until Tuesday, September 5th), the UTMB Dermatology Clinic at UHC in Galveston was open for patients on this very wet day. Kudos to all who were able to staff this clinic (photo) during this weather emergency! All UTMB Dermatology Clinics were open for patients on Friday, September 1.

100% of PGY4 UTMB Dermatology Residents Pass July 2017 American Board of Dermatology Certification Examination on First Try

Congratulations to all of the PGY4 2017 UTMB PGY4 Dermatology Residency Graduates who completed training in June. All four passed the American Board of Dermatology on their first attempt. The UTMB DIG had no doubts about your success!

Tuesday, September 05, 2017

Record Number of Visiting Medical Students Taking UTMB Dermatology Electives

There have been 12 visiting MS4s in the UTMB Department of Dermatology so far during the 2017-2018 academic year through Period 3 (July through September). Included are in-state medical students (University of Texas Houston, Texas A&M) and others from out-of-state medical schools (University of Arkansas, University of Louisiana New Orleans, University of Tennessee Memphis, Drexel University, and University of North Dakota). We hope that you have all enjoyed your stay in Galveston and have learned more about dermatology!

UTMB Medical Students Return Following Hurricane Harvey

UTMB medical students were dismissed prior to the arrival of Hurricane Harvey, and are now back at UTMB starting September 5th, 201

UTMB Dermatology has Two New Professors!

Congratulations to Drs. Erica and Brent Kelly. Dr. Erica Kelly was promoted to Clinical Professor of Dermatology on September 1, 2017 and Dr. Brent Kelly was promoted to Professor, Dermatology (tenured) at the same time.  The UTMB Dermatology Department now has 5 dermatology professors, 1 associate professor, and 3 assistant professors on faculty. Three of the professors are tenured.

Monday, September 04, 2017

St. Vincent Dermatology Night 9/7

Join UTMB Dermatology residents and faculty for the upcoming dermatology night (Thursday, September 7th) at St. Vincent’s Clinic. Please see the calendar link below to reserve your volunteering spot:
When: Thursday, September 7th 5:30-8:30PM (volunteers should arrive at 5:15)
Volunteer link: http://ift.tt/25Hmbgd