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Friday, October 16, 2020

USF Morsani College of Medicine Dermatology Residency Open House

USF Morsani College of Medicine Dermatology Residency Program will be hosting an Open House on Tuesday, October 20 from 6-7 pm EST. 

 Registration: https://usf.az1.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_1SpQ9kEpYAX4TiJ

Lots of Students at UTMB for 2020 Fall Semester

Total Students: 3,458

Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences: 384
School of Health Professions: 690
School of Nursing: 1,245
School of Medicine: 1,139

UTMB MS2 Presents First Virtual Stay Shady

MS2 Kate Zipperer presented UTMB DIG's Stay Shady presentation via Zoom on October 15th to students at Trinity Episcopal School in Galveston. She discussed sun safety and the importance of sun protection, even in the shade. This event was DIG's first virtual Stay Shady due to in-person limitations from the COVID-19 pandemic. Thanks to our Stay Shady officers Ben Garcia and Will Meyer for coordinating this awesome event!

Thursday, October 08, 2020

Authorship Restrictions at Journal of Clinical and Aesthetic Dermatology (JCAD)

Currently JCAD, a PubMed indexed publication, is not able to accept submissions of case reports. The journal requires that first authors of submitted articles have doctoral degrees and in some instances, the coauthor must be a board certified dermatologist.

Tuesday, October 06, 2020

Wayne State Dermatology Diversity and Inclusion Meet and Greet

The Wayne State University Department of Dermatology will be holding a Diversity and Inclusion Meet and Greet on Monday, October 19, 2020 from 8:00-9:30 PM EST. The leadership, faculty and residents will be sharing their mission of diversity, inclusion and equity in dermatology education. 

RSVP by email:

Does a PGY1 Preliminary Internal Medicine Prepare Dermatology Residents Better for COVID-19 Care in Hospitalized Patients?

Yes, according to a recent publication from NYU Dermatology (Journal of Drugs in Dermatology 2020;19(9):905-906. Their survey found that a preliminary PGY1 better prepared future dermatology residents for deployment to inpatient wards (p=0.04) and the ICU (p < 0.001) for the care of COVID-19 patients. The authors suggest that the PGY1 year for dermatology residency should be reviewed, and write “Certainly, the practice of foregoing more robust internal medicine training in favor of less rigorous internship experiences should be questioned.”

Sunday, October 04, 2020

Are Publications by Medical Students Predictive of Future Academic Productivity?

An August 2020 publication in JAAD (83:624-626) from the University of Pennsylvania suggests that first author publications, more publications, and publication in high-impact journals were most predictive of future academic productivity. Surprisingly, it was found that large numbers of preresidency case reports was negatively associated with future academic productivity. The authors suggest that residency programs should place greater emphasis on “…greater impact research projects…” to identify  and recruit future academic dermatologists.

Thursday, October 01, 2020

2020 UTMB President’s Cabinet Awards Video

Please see UTMB MS2 Andrea Francis accept a 2020 President’s Cabinet Award for her proposal, “Hats for the Homeless” that will distribute 100 hats to homeless adults in Galveston to protect them from sun damage to their skin and may help reduce their risk for facial skin cancers. This is the first time a UTMB DIG member has been honored with this award. Her faculty sponsor is Dr. Richard Wagner, our DIG faculty advisor. She is featured on the video from 10:48 to 11:12. DIG members interested in helping with this project should contact Andrea. The link to the video is:




New Suggestion Box at Victory Lakes Dermatology Clinic

The UTMB Department of Dermatology provides a locked suggestion box in Galveston where residents may place anonymous comments for review by the faculty as requested by the residents. A new locked suggestion box has recently been placed in the League City Victory Lakes dermatology clinic because many dermatology residents split their time between the two campuses. Dr. Lindy Ross will monitor the suggestion box in League City.

Tuesday, September 29, 2020

UCLA Dermatology Virtual Open House

The UCLA Dermatology Virtual Open House session will be held in webinar format with a presentation by the Clinical Program Director, Dr. Vanessa Holland, STAR Program Director, Dr. Roger Lo, and Associate Program Director, Dr. Paul Blackcloud on October 20, 2020 at 5:30 PM PST.

University of Iowa Virtual Open House

University of Iowa's Dermatology Residency Program will be hosting a virtual Open House on Tuesday October 6 from 5-6 PM CDT. 

Link to register: 

Registration for UTMB Dermatology Residency Open House

The UTMB Department of Dermatology will be sponsoring a virtual 2 hour open house for interested dermatology residency applicants who have applied to our program from 11 am to 1 pm (CST) on Friday, October 23, 2020. Registered applicants will be able to attend our weekly Grand Rounds from 11 to noon, and then learn more about our residency program from noon until 1 pm. To register for this event, please email Ms. Kimberly Cooper (UTMB Dermatology Residency Program Coordinator) at kjcooper@utmb.edu.

Monday, September 28, 2020

UTMB Mohs Team Awarded at 2020 Texas Dermatological Society Meeting

Congratulations to UTMB PGY3 dermatology resident Dr. Paige Hoyer who was awarded first place in the resident podium competition for the 2020 fall Texas Dermatological Society (TDS) virtual meeting. Her presentation was “Use of Absorbable Cutaneous Sutures Amid the COVID-19 Pandemic.” Her co-authors on this presentation were the current UTMB Mohs Fellow, Dr. Julie Croley, and the Micrographic Surgery and Dermatologic Oncology (MSDO) Fellowship Director, Dr. Richard Wagner.

UTMB Dermatology Well Represented at 2020 Fall TDS Virtual Meeting


Use of Absorbable Cutaneous Sutures Amid the COVID-19 Pandemic

Paige Hoyer, Julie Croley, Richard F. Wagner Jr.


Impact of rainfall on melanoma

Will Meyer, Richard Wagner


An algorithmic approach to the management of spitting sutures

Frank Winsett, Nick Thornton, Richard Wagner


How Racial Disparities in Dermatology are Reflected in Medical Education Materials

Elise Weisert, Paige Hoyer, Lindy Ross




A Unique Case of Neurofibromatosis Type 1

Obiageliaku Okafor, Paige Hoyer, Brandon Goodwin


A Rare Presentation of Concomitant Alopecia Areata and Vitiligo in Teenager

Gregory Ugoh, Antonio Jimenez, Paige Hoyer, Lindy Ross


Acne Keloidalis Nuchae Managed by Surgical Excision with Second Intention Healing

Xavier Rice, Paige Hoyer, Brandon Goodwin


Stenotrophomonas maltophilia Cutaneous Ulceration in an Immunocompetent Patient: A Rare but Emerging Dermatologic Infection

McKenzi Poehl, Claire Culberston, Michael Phan, Morgan Arnold, Brandon Goodwin


Clinical Recommendations to Address Dermatologic Healthcare Disparities in HIV-Positive Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) Patients

Paige Hoyer, Antonio Jimenez ,Lindy Ross


Interdigitating Dendritic Cell Sarcoma Arising on the Skin: An Exceedingly Rare Tumor with a Poor Prognosis

Anthony Linfante, Antonio Jimenez, Ghada Al-Sannaa,  Brent Kelly


Digital Myopericytoma: a Case Report

Renat Ahatov, Paige Hoyer, Elise Weisert, Brent Kelly


A Case of Linagliptin-Induced Bullous Pemphigoid

Brenda Carrillo, Paige Hoyer, Lindy Ross, Michael Wilkerson


Celebrating the 100th Year Anniversary of the UTMB Department of Dermatology

Michael Phan, Richard Wagner


The implementation of educational videos in Mohs micrographic surgery for improved patient comprehension: A review of literature

Anthony Jimenez, Kristyna Gleghorn, Richard Wagner 


Silicone Breast Implant Rupture and Subcutaneous Lupus Erythematous in an Adult Female

Swami Sundaresan MD, Elise Weisert, Michael Phan, Brandon Goodwin


Primary Cutaneous Mucinous Eccrine Carcinoma: A Case Report and Literature Review

Kristyna Gleghorn, Elise Weisert, Brent Kelly, Brandon Goodwin


Palisaded and Neutrophilic Granulomatous Dermatitis in a Child

Sarah Kesaria, Ayezel Munoz, Anthony Linfante, Lindy Ross


A Case Report of Multicentric Reticulohistiocytosis

Caroline Hagan, Elise Weisert, Giri Movva,  Lindy Ross, Brandon Goodwin


Metastatic Crohn’s Disease in an Incarcerated Male

Elise Weisert, Benjamin Garcia, Seena Monjazeb, Brandon Goodwin


Subungual Cirsoid Hemangioma Presenting as Longitudinal Melanonychia: a Mimic of Subungual Melanoma

Natalya Gallaga, Keith Wagner, Janice Wilson, Brandon Goodwin


Telangiectasia Macularis Eruptiva Perstans Treated with KTP

Victor Teran, Elise Weisert, Renat Ahatov, Brandon Goodwin


Acrokeratoelastoidosis: a unique case report

Allison Good, Michael Phan, Brent Kelly, Kathleen Kroger

Case of Nodular Amyloidosis in a Type II Diabetic 

Andrea Francis, Andrew Armenta, Nikoleta Brankov, Brent Kelly, Michael Wilkerson

Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Dermatology in Education, Research, Medicine (D.E.R.M.) Conference: The Unseen Melanoma Patient

The annual Dermatology in Education, Research, Medicine (D.E.R.M.) Conference will be held on Friday, October 16th from 1-5 pm EST. This conference is a collaboration between the dermatology interest groups at Frank H. Netter School of Medicine, Yale, and University of Connecticut. The topic of the conference is melanoma in skin of color.

Interested students, residents and physicians can register here.

UTMB Moody Medical Library Offers Dermatology Educational Resources

The UTMB Moody Medical Library offers a variety of online educational resources at https://guides.utmb.edu/derm

“Preference Signaling” for Residency Theory

One way for residency applicants to inform specific residency programs about their strong interest would be through “preference signaling.” All applicants applying to residency programs would be given a specific number of “tokens” that they could submit to programs where they had the greatest interest. It is possible that informing programs this way could result in a greater likelihood of an interview at that program. ENT will be piloting this program for the current academic year. If it works well for ENT applicants and programs, it is possible that other residency programs will participate next year.

Monday, September 21, 2020

UTMB Dermatology Welcomes Students from Nevada and Mississippi During Period 5

Please welcome the first two dermatology visiting students during the current 2020-2021 academic year from Nevada and Mississippi. Both are from schools without dermatology residencies.

University of Miami Residency Program Virtual Open House

University of Miami Dermatology Residency Program will be hosting a virtual open house on September 30 at 6 pm. 

Join from a PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone or Android device:

    Please click this URL to join. https://miami.zoom.us/s/93416713580?pwd=OU5ZM05qVWl6UkFHNTJSblMxbGVKQT09

    Passcode: 305305

Or join by phone:

    Dial(for higher quality, dial a number based on your current location):

        US: +1 646 558 8656

        Italy: +39 021 241 28 823  or +39 069 480 6488  or +39 020 066 7245

    Webinar ID: 934 1671 3580

    Passcode: 305305

    International numbers available: https://miami.zoom.us/u/aesrDjtdqq 

Or an H.323/SIP room system:

    H.323: (US West) (US East) (Amsterdam Netherlands) (Germany) (Australia) (Brazil) (Canada)

    Webinar ID: 934 1671 3580

    Passcode: 305305


    SIP: 93416...@zoomcrc.com

    Passcode: 305305

St. Vincent's Dermatology Night 10/1

St. Vincent's Student Clinic will be hosting Dermatology Night on Thursday October 1st starting at 5:30 pm. Student volunteers should sign up at: 

Sunday, September 20, 2020

Skin of Color Event Recap with Dr. Chinelo Ikpeama

Thank you to all those who attended our first skin of color event featuring Dr. Chinelo Ikpeama, UTMB Dermatology Residency graduate.   

Dr. Ikpeama discussed "common things being common" in dermatologic practice. Examples included acne, rosacea, psoriasis, alopecia, hidradenitis suppurativa and other common diseases that appear differently in skin of color and/or present different complications and outcomes that trainees and practitioners should be aware of. Acne in skin of color is often complicated by severe post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH). In fact, Ikpeama suggests that PIH is sometimes more common of a complaint than the acne itself, as darker skin is more prone to cosmetically disfiguring hyperpigmentation.  


Furthermore, many skin of color patients often present with a chief complaint of hair loss, or alopecia. There are many variants of alopecia, including central cicatricial centrifugal alopecia (CCCA), traction alopecia, lichen planopilaris, androgenetic alopecia and more. Alopecia in skin of color is often complicated by late diagnoses, in which patients initially present with many destroyed hair follicles. Not only is it important to understand the prevalence of, and cultural aspects that lead to alopecia in skin of color communities, but it also important to gain patient buy-in by recommending biopsy and considering an aggressive treatment approach.  


While these are only but a few examples of topics discussed by Dr. Ikpeama, understanding issues involving skin of color is essential in the establishment of adequate and diverse patient care. You can join the skin of color society (SOCS) to continue learning more about skin of color by visiting the following link.   


New York Medical College/Metropolitan Open House

New York Medical College Virtual Open House will be on Thursday, October 1st at 5 pm and Thursday, October 8th at 5 pm for a virtual opportunity to learn about and connect with the residency program. Two sessions will be hosted for prospective dermatology residents with Program Director Dr. Marian Russo and the residents. Attendance is limited to fourth year medical students, residents and fellows. Please click on following link to register for advanced registration: https://bit.ly/35vKWDK 

Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Medical Student Registration for TDS Fall Annual Meeting

The 2020 Annual Fall Meeting for Texas Dermatological Society will be held virtually on September 25-26. Registration for medical students is free and can be found here. Conference registration closes September 24, 2020 at 11:59 PM CST. 

Tuesday, September 15, 2020

TDS Residency Program Virtual Meet-Ups

The Texas Dermatological Society Fall Meeting will be hosting virtual meet-ups for medical students to gain insight into programs before interview season begins, to learn information about Texas dermatology residency programs and to meet program directors on Saturday, September 26th on Zoom. Due to the virtual meeting shift, participation will be limited to Zoom. The schedule will be as follows:

8-8:30 AM: Baylor Dallas
Meeting ID: 692 977 6861 Password: 12345

8:30-9 AM: Texas Tech University Health Science Center 
Meeting ID: 212 735 5468 Password: None

9-9:30 AM: Baylor Scott & White Temple
Meeting ID: 999 5527 9731 Password: 410333

10:45-11:15 AM: University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center
Meeting ID: 930 4855 5579 Password: UTSWDerm

12:30-1 PM: University of Texas Dell Medical School Austin
Meeting ID: 961 9853 8115 Password: 852331

1-1:30 PM: University of Texas San Antonio Health Science Center
Meeting ID: 964 0762 0967 Password: Cc5iEe

1:30-2 PM: Baylor Houston
Meeting ID: 925 3952 4303 Password: 692532

2-2:30 PM: UTMB Galveston 
Meeting ID: 627 662 3467 Password: utmbderm

BCM Dermatology Residency Virtual Meet and Greet Sessions

Baylor College of Medicine is hosting virtual Zoom meet and greet meetings for the following dates: 
September 26, 2020 1:30-2:00 PM https://bcm.zoom.us/meeting/register/tJYodOCtrD8pGtfFgYsSPfdXQJUCqWsOb8B1
October 1, 2020 5:50 PM 


Friday, September 11, 2020

UTMB Open House for Dermatology Residency Applicants

The UTMB Department of Dermatology will be sponsoring a virtual 2 hour open house for interested dermatology residency applicants who have applied to our program from 11 am to 1 pm (CST) on Friday, October 23, 2020. Applicants will be able to attend our weekly Grand Rounds from 11 to noon, and then learn more about our residency program from noon until 1 pm. More information to follow.

UTMB Medical Students Publish in SKIN The Journal of Cutaneous Medicine

Congratulations UTMB medical students and faculty for their publications in the September 2020 issue of SKIN, The Journal of Cutaneous Medicine:

An Atypical Presentation of Pemphigus Vegetans in the Umbilicus 
Authors: UTMB MS4 Antonio Jimenez, UTMB dermatology resident Dr. Paige Hoyer and UTMB faculty Dr. Michael Wilkerson

Letter to the Editor: Commentary on "Avoiding the Hazards of Ultraviolet Light in the Adolescent Population"
Authors: UTMB MS4s Elise Weisert and Ethan Hinds

Norman Orentreich: Father of Modern Hair Transplantation
Authors: UTMB MS3 Michael Phan and MS1 Jonathan Phan

Future Virtual Dermatology Residency Open House Events

Stanford Dermatology Virtual Meeting 
Tuesday, October 6, 2020 at 5:30PM PST stanford.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_FZ4zTmo1QmW8beztByGW0Q

The University of Chicago Dermatology Residency Program Virtual Event 
Wednesday, September 23 7:30-8:30pm CT 
Tuesday, October 13, 7:30-8:30pm CT

If you wish to attend, please contact Michelle Rickard, Education Coordinator, at dermres1@medicine.bsd.uchicago.edu It is important that you let her know which date you would like to attend. You will receive a follow up invitation that includes the Zoom link.

University of Florida - Dermatology Residency Virtual Open House
Wednesday September 23
Time: 6:30pm -7:30pm EST
Description: This will be an informational session with faculty and residents.
University of Florida – Dermatology Residency Meet and Greet with Residents
Time: 7:30pm-8:30pm EST
Description: This session will ONLY be with residents for participants to ask questions in break out room

UTMB DIG Mentorship Program

UTMB DIG is excited to launch our mentorship program for chapter members. We will pair students with upperclassmen mentors who are dedicated to teaching and guiding students through the process of applying to dermatology. 

For MS1-MS3: If you are interested in becoming a mentee, please fill out this form: 


For MS3-MS4: If you are interested in becoming a mentor, please fill out this form: 


For more information please contact Michael Phan.

Thursday, September 10, 2020

DIG Presents Let's Talk Skin of Color

UTMB Dermatology Interest Group is excited to announce our first series of webinars - Let's Talk Skin of Color - to discuss skin of color and diversity in dermatology. We will be covering topics such as racial disparities in dermatology, dermatologic disease manifestations in different skin types and the importance of diversity within the field. All students, residents and faculty are welcome to attend! We also welcome outside attendees. Our first event will be THIS MONDAY September 14th at 6 pm via Zoom with UTMB dermatology residency graduate Dr. Chinelo Ikpeama. Zoom link.