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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

More on Self-Awareness

Daniel R. Ames and Abbie S. Wazlawek (Columbia Business School) lend their expertise to inform Wall Street Journal readers (“How to Tell if You’re a Jerk in the Office: Most workers are blissfully unaware of how they come across. And it can cost them.” WSJ, Monday, February 23,  2015, page R2) about the  importance of self-awareness in the workplace, and the role it can play in perceptions by co-workers. They write, “Not realizing how others see you leads to bad decisions and spoiled relationships. And when others sense that you’re clueless about your personality, it can undermine your general stature and credibility.” Ames and Wazlawek suggest that anonymous feedback can provide valuable insight about what co-workers think. A trusted mentor who is willing to provide candid feedback can also provide invaluable feedback. The key is to remember, “…these conversations are an opportunity to learn more, not to defend yourself or provide excuses.”