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Sunday, June 29, 2014

Baylor Medical School Now on Probation

In a front page leading story that probably surprised many leaders in medical education, reporter Todd Ackerman of the Houston Chronicle reported that highly ranked Baylor Medical School has been placed on probation by the Liaison Committee on Medical Education (Ackerman T. Baylor medical school put on probation: Accrediting body cites 14 different 'areas of concern" none in instruction. Houston Chronicle, Saturday, June 28, 2014, pages A1 and A15). Citations related to medical student education included "...timely reporting of grades and observation of students in clinical rotations; and a need for new processes providing midcourse feedback to students..." Tenure issues for faculty and criticism that "...a mechanism for faculty to contribute in decision making" were also cited. Only four other medical schools are currently on probation by the Liason Committee on Medical Education. Adverse publicity due to this drastic administrative action against Baylor Medical School could potentially reduce Baylor's competitiveness nationally for top medical school applicants, residency applicants, and new faculty. It could also impact the competitiveness of Baylor Medical School graduates for residency positions in the upcoming 2015 NRMP. According to this news report, the earliest that Baylor can be taken off probation is in 2016.