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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Does Job-Seeking Advice Apply to Dermatology Applicants?

It’s is hard to know why dermatology applicants with excellent paper credentials fail to match. Certainly there is strong competition and not enough spots for everyone. The Monday, March 17, 2014 issue of Wall Street Journal (Pierce DL, To My Fellow Job-Hunting College Seniors, page A15) offered interesting advice that may be applicable to dermatology applicants. In this article, Pierce advised job-seekers to:

1)      Never wear a black suit to interviews (plan to spend $500 on navy blue or gray)
2)      Practice meeting new people in social situations. This will happen at interviews and socials skills are important in making first impressions.
3)      Don’t talk about thing that others can’t relate to unless strongly encouraged (Icelandic art studies during winter semester abroad).
4)      Obtain a Gmail address for correspondence with your real name.
5)      Keep track of business cards you receive during rotations/interviews and keep in contact every few months with a personal email update.
6)      Prospective employers may check your social media. Privacy is the word. Make sure profile pictures are professional.
7)      Google yourself to see what your employer might see. Take down inappropriate links if you can.
8)      Set up a professional voice mail for messages on your cell phone.
9)      Join LinkedIn
10)   Write thank-you notes (both email and traditional) and mail them immediately following the interview