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Wednesday, July 08, 2015

Latecomers: Recognition of a Professional Disruptive Behavior?

Wall Street Journal reporter Sue Shellenbarger published an insightful article in the Wednesday, July 8, 2015 edition ("Don't Be Late or You'll Be a Schedule-Wrecker", pages D1, D3). It is recommended reading for everyone who attends scheduled meetings. Tardiness to scheduled meetings and clinics can be disruptive to many others, and the habit can spread, negatively impact group morale, and diminish the effectiveness of an organization. Laura Stack, a productivity trainer and news source for the article, advised "...starting meetings on time and refusing to bring late arrivals up to speed on what they missed." For an example about how tardiness to scheduled meetings disrupts others, if 10 timely co-workers wait 10 minutes for a latecomer to arrive, the work group has jointly wasted almost 2 hours their workday (110 minutes), time that could be better used during the rest of the day.