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Sunday, July 12, 2015

UTMB Derm Secret: Getting BSHS Selective Writing Credit for DERU-4004

DERU-4004 (Dermatologic Basic Science, see http://ar.utmb.edu/BSHSselectives/bdisplay.asp?rec=122 ) is an option that is available as a dermatology Selective that will meet UTMB’s Basic Science and Humanities Selective writing requirement for MS4s. It is often taken by UTMB students who have been accepted into the UTMB Dermatology Honors Research Program, because the required proposal for our institutional honors committee is multidisciplinary and has to be reviewed by this group of select academic scholars before approval is given. The UTMB derm secret is that approved honors student research proposals meet the writing requirement for
DERU-4004. Dr. Richard Wagner, the UTMB Dermatology Program Director and DIG Faculty Advisor is the course director of DERU-4004. Students taking DERU-4004 use the time during this 4 week Selective period to gather research data on their project, analyze data and write their honors  thesis. Please contact him directly if you are interested in receiving graduation credit for your honors research proposal.