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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

UTMB Faculty Named as International Guest Editor for Skin Cancer

Our DIG faculty advisor, Dr. Richard Wagner was the International Guest Editor for the January/March 2008 issue (Volume 23, Number 1) of Skin Cancer (Portugal), a peer-reviewed medical journal. He used his editorship to highlight the many contributions UTMB researchers are making to the field of skin cancer prevention, diagnosis, surgical management, and education. His coauthors on the 8 original articles in the current issue are all current or former medical students, UTMB dermatology residents, UTMB dermatology faculty and other UTMB contributors. Dr. Wagner previously served as as the first American international guest editor for Skin Cancer in 1993.

Prevention of Skin Cancer

1, Wagner RF Jr. Skin Cancer Research at The University of Texas Medical Branch Department of Dermatology, 1988-2008. Skin Cancer 2008: 23(1):7-8.

2. Poonawalla T, Uchida T, Wagner RF Jr. Incorporating Ethnicity into a High School Sunburn Prevention Program. Skin Cancer 2008; 23(1):9-16.

Dr. Poonawalla is currently a first year dermatology resident at the University of Wisconsin.

3. McClung AA, Uchida T, Wagner RF Wagner, Jr. Body Dysmorphic Disorder and Substance-related Disorder Among Indoor Tanners. Skin Cancer 2008; 23 (1):17-22.

Dr. McClung is currently a second year dermatology resident at Baylor (Houston).

4. Ray JA, Colome MI, Uchida T, Wagner RF Jr. Development of an Experimental Hairless Guinea Pig Model for Testing Ethyl Alcohol Associated Phototoxicity. Skin Cancer 2008; 23(1):25-37.

Dr. Ray is currently a second year dermatology resident at the Mayo Clinic (Rochester, MN).

5. Witherspoon J, Uchida T, Wagner RF Jr. SPF Lip Protection Advertising Patterns in Popular U.S. Magazines. Skin Cancer 2008; 23(1):39-43.

Dr. Witherspoon is currently a dermatology fellow at Northwestern (Chicago).

6. Daigle SS, Uchida T, Wagner RF Jr. Use of Phototoxic Medicines at the Beach. Skin Cancer 2008; 23(1):45-47.

Dr. Daigle is currently an anesthesiology resident at the University of Pennsylvania.

Teaching Surgical Management for Nonmelanoma Skin Cancer

7. Kelly B, Colome MI, Wagner RF Jr. Teaching Dermatology Residents Nonmelanoma Skin Cancer Management Utilizing Frozen Sections. Skin Cancer 2008; 23(1):49-52.

Diagnosis of Skin Cancer

8. Crim C, Colome MI, Uchida T, Wagner RF Jr. Interspecialty Differences in the Surgical Diagnosis and Management of Seborrheic Keratoses. Skin Cancer 2008; 23(1):55-60.

Dr. Crim is currently a family medicine resident at Waco Family Medicine Residency Program (Waco, Texas).

Surgical Management of Nonmelanoma Skin Cancer

9. Perri AJ 3rd, Chan C, Uchida T, Wagner RF Jr. Patients’ Recall of Visible Skin Biopsy Sites. Skin Cancer 2008; 23(1):61-67.

Congratulations to Dr. Wagner and all of our UTMB contributors!

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