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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Dermatology Times Advisory Board Leader Calls for Limiting Dermatology Resident Interviews

Readers of this blog are aware that some dermatologists feel that applications to dermatology residency programs have become so overwhelming for training institutions that now is the time to limit the number of applications that applicants may submit, and perhaps limit the number of interviews residency programs conduct. For example, if applicants were limited to 10 dermatology applications, applicants might be more selective about where they apply. The same selectivity may also hold true if programs were only allowed to interview 5 applicants for each of their available positions. In the September 2016 issue of Dermatology Times (page 70), a columnist wrote about a former student who received 40 interviews and borrowed $40,000 to visit all of these programs. She is now a successful dermatologist, but was spending $40,000 necessary? Matching applicants may wonder if it was necessary to spend so much money interviewing at dermatology programs. However, we are skeptical that placing an arbitrary cap on number of applications that a prospective applicant may submit is fair. Are there other situations where the opportunity to compete for a job is restricted by limiting the number of job applications? Limiting the number of applications that an applicant may make to dermatology residency programs does not seem to be the best solution to increasing interest and competition for dermatology residencies.