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Saturday, January 30, 2016

US Medical Educators Seek Reform

Authors K.M. Aagaard and M. Abaza recently wrote about their perceptions of the 4th year of medical school in US (Becoming a physician: the residency application process—burdens and consequences, NEJM 373:303-305, 2016). Surprisingly, they seem to think that since 66% of MS4s taking away rotations do not match into that particular away program, it may not be a worthwhile matching strategy. Do they really think that 34% of the matching students would have really matched at that particular away rotation residency program without an audition interview? Unfortunately, they do not present statistics about these particular students that match at their own school after doing one or more away rotations. Conventional wisdom in the highly competitive world of dermatology matching is that an applicants’ best match chances are at their home program and at the away programs where they auditioned. Nothing in this article contradicts this observation.